Site Launch: Our Family Coalition

Our Family Coalition wanted a more modern style for their website, originally built on Joomla. They wanted to make information would be easy to find, and they wanted staff to be able to update the website quickly and easily. See how we helped them accomplish their goals.

Email Deliverability Solutions for Your Website

Email deliverability is important for your website if you have forms or an e-commerce shop. Sometimes hosting servers are set up so it can be difficult for the website to send emails. What can you do to improve email deliverability?

Resources & relief for your organization during COVID-19

You might be tired of hearing how every company is handling the the COVID-19 crisis already. We’ve gotten a lot of emails, too. But our country and our world are dealing with difficult times right now as we try to slow the spread of the virus, and we want to be sure you know we’re here to help as your organization and your team weather this crisis.

Alternatives to Google Analytics

Analyzing your website traffic is important for your marketing strategy. Google Analytics may be too much. Look at these alternatives to Google Analytics.

Inclusive Design

Take a look at our “One time at WordCamp” series to find out some of the best things we’ve learned at various WordCamps.

Site Launch: Aimsworx

RED is pleased to announce the launch of Rocky Mountain Communities, which we built out to Ebb+Flow Creative’s design specifications.

Cleaning Out Your Email List

Email lists of clients, potential clients, donors, or other contacts are important to a business or organization. The higher the number on an organization’s email campaign list, the more it feels like they are meeting goals and reaching their audience. But you should clean out your email list on a regular basis to be sure you are talking to an audience who wants to hear what you have to say.

Building A Healthy Workstation

Before I started working at RED, I worked at a gym. I never realized that I was in an ideal environment for my health. Going from that environment to sitting for 8+hours a day has caused neck pain, back pain, and leg pain. I’ve been reading more about building a healthy workstation, and this year I’m setting a few goals to help improve my workstation and work environment.

Optimizing Images: Improve Your Website Speed

Have you ever visited a website that took FOREVER to load? There can be many factors that contribute to a slow site, but many times the issue is found in images, photos, or graphics. Optimizing images is an easy solution to this part of the problem.

How website caching works and what you need to know

We’ve all been there. You’ve emailed your trusted WordPress developer and asked him to make a change on your website. He is on top of it, and just like that, he has replied with what you requested. There’s only one problem. You don’t see the change…