Scare Scam or Intimidation Scam

Have you been the victim of a scare scam or intimidation scam? As you can guess from the name, this type of scam uses frightening or threatening tactics, and preys on the victim’s fear. Learn what such a scam looks like and how you can avoid becoming a victim.

What is the Cloud?

People talk about “cloud computing” or uploading things “to the cloud.” With the advent of smartphones, we started using the term even more often. But what is the cloud?

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disasters happen, and they can affect your organization. Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? What is a disaster recovery plan?

What does a good backup strategy look like?

Whether or not your own web hosting service provider has redundant servers and backups of clients’ data, you should never leave responsibility for your backups to someone else. You, your organization, and those who depend on you will be the ones affected if you don’t make regular data backups.

Site Revamp: Marian’s Dream

Marian’s Dream wanted to improve the visual aspect of their site. Along with implementing the design changes, we improved user experience by optimizing the site’s navigation. We added visually striking hero images with important highlights, and modernized the design aesthetics.

Don’t “Click Here”: Write Better Link Text

If you remember Netscape, this article may be for you! Back in the early days of the internet, people were learning what a navigator was and how to use it. At that time, we had to be very explicit with links (called “hyperlinks” back then), and tell people to “click here.” 25+ years on, if you haven’t stop with the “click here” links, it’s time.

Site Redesign: APA Human Animal Interaction

The Section on Human Animal Interaction: Research & Practice, of Division 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) of the American Psychological Association was ready for a redesign, and RED was glad to help!

Google Sitelinks: How can you influence them?

What are Google Site Links, and how can you influence the links Google shows people searching for your website?

Project: Echelon Front

We worked with Echelon Front’s web team to build out a fresh, simple, and modern home design concept using Divi.

Do You Need a Professional Web Developer?

Do you need a professional web developer, or can you build your own site, or can you ask a volunteer to build your website?