Before I started working at RED, I worked at a gym. I would stand, sit, and walk around for my whole shift. I never realized that I was in an ideal environment for my health. This past year has been difficult. Going from that environment to sitting for 8+hours a day has caused neck pain, back pain, and leg pain. I already had posture issues, but it’s gotten worse. I’ve been reading more about building a healthy workstation, and this year I’m setting a few goals to help improve my workstation and work environment:

Healthy Workstation Goals

  1. Every hour, I’m going for a walk for about 5 minutes. This will get me moving and not just sitting all day.
  2. I’m investing in a better workspace. Hopefully, I’ll have a more dedicated space in the next couple of months and I will be building a workspace that encourages movement all day.
  3. This posture corrector vibrates whenever you’re leaning over too much. It is on the more expensive side, but there’s also brace options that are cheaper on Amazon.
  4. Drinking more water (1 gallon/day). I got this cool water bottle for Christmas that lights up when you haven’t been drinking enough water for the day. It tracks how much you drink so you can tell if you’ve been meeting your goals or not.

How do you stay active during the day when you have a desk job? Share your top tips in the comments!