Site Revamp: Marian’s Dream

Since 1981, Marian's Dream has created and supported programs to end pet overpopulation by preventing unwanted litters. With the support of people like you, they have led initiatives to improve the health and well-being of companion animals. They have always believed in leading the way to change, thanks to the hard work of grass-roots organizations and volunteers.

Development Summary

Marian's Dream wanted to improve the visual aspect of their site. Sandy Aluru donated her time to redesign the header, footer, and home page. We applied the updated aesthetic to the interior pages of the site.

Along with implementing the design changes, we improved the mobile website experience. We added important highlights and modernized the design aesthetics. Though these were small changes, their impact in modernizing the site is great.

We took the opportunity to move from a theme that was outdated, hard to maintain, and made editing slow, to a theme using a modern, fully editable page builder, Beaver Builder.


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