Meet Our Team: Emma!

RED is made up of a diverse group of people pursuing the same goal: helping you help the world. Where do we come from, and what brought us here? Here is your chance to see inside a remote team - what makes us tick?

Emma is RED's founder and our guiding light. She is the driving force behind RED, and fostered RED's vision. RED's creation was serendipitious, but it has never wavered in its values since its creation in 2001. Read more about Emma below.

Meet Emma!

RED: What drove you to create RED? What is your vision for RED?
In college, I volunteered to do some website work for non-profit environmental groups. From there, I was referred to others and RED was the end result. I see RED as a way to help people help the world. By creating and maintaining their websites, we help organizations share their message to a larger audience. By treating our clients with respect, and empowering them to do as much as they want to with their sites themselves, we give them the tools to help their organization.

RED: What are some of your interests outside of work?
I like walking, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.

RED: Why is remote work important to you?
Remote work allows me, and every team member, the flexibility to spend time on other things that are important in his or her life. I think it's a basic respect for each of us -- an acknowledgment that work is part of life and not the only important thing in life.

RED: Where do you normally work? Are there other places you like to work?
I work best at my desk.

RED: Do you work with music, TV, complete silence, other white noise?
I work best in complete silence. Years ago I used to put non-word music on repeat, but even that I can't do anymore and have any kind of concentration.

RED: How do you structure your day? What is your most productive time of day?
Morning is my most productive time of day. I like to get up, walk the dog, and then and sift through the email from overnight to get a sense of what's going on and take care of anything I can quickly and easily. Then I have breakfast and really get started for the day afterwards.

RED: It's not easy to work remotely. Many find it challenging to stay motivated and miss the communication with coworkers. How do you handle these challenges?
This is a big challenge. I'm trying to make a clear break between weekends and weekdays. Being logged in on Slack through my phone and being able to check email on my phone helps, too. Knowing I can be available if needed without having to be chained to the computer reduces anxiety. I also have mobile broadband. Being able to jump online in a pinch anywhere I'm at really means I can be anywhere and not worry about having access or being able to help someone.


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Alisa Cognard

Alisa was one of the first team members to join Red Earth Design, Inc. in early 2004. From data entry, she progressed to MySQL database manipulation and PHP coding. Alisa is responsible for all kinds of odds and ends: installing new websites, adding features to them, programming databases, PHP coding, website troubleshooting, website security, and organizational tasks for Red Earth Design.

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