Meet Our Team: Ian!

RED is made up of a diverse group of people pursuing the same goal: helping you help the world. Where do we come from, and what brought us here? Here is your chance to see inside a remote team - what makes us tick?

Ian has been in the world of software development for over 20 years now : four years in teaching computer subjects and sixteen years in web development. He is particularly adept at front-end works with extensive knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, & Responsive Design. He is highly motivated, often inspired and enthusiastic in doing and dealing with work and team members.

Meet Ian!

RED: How did you end up at RED? What attracted you to RED?

I was searching for a job and I saw a simple but elegant ad on We Work Remotely. The ad was very different from any other ads I saw. It got my attention and I started composing my letter... I tried to answer all the questions in detail. Emma, Kimberly, and Stephen interviewed me... and the rest is history.

RED makes me feel whole. Emma sees to it that we concentrate on work that we love to do. In time, our skills fit in all the work that we do. Everyone has a voice in everything we do. Even though we have specific tasks, we meet every week to share our stories... our work... our life. We take time to know and understand everybody's highlights and lowlights from the week. Both introverts and extroverts have a place on the team.

RED: What are some of your interests outside of work?

I like computers, gadgets, movies, and I am starting to like cars... I also love to sing at the top of my lungs!

RED: Why is remote work important to you?

It is important to me because it makes my life and work balanced. I do not have to deal with traffic, I can eat, exercise, work and sleep anytime I want. If an emergency comes up, I can take care of it at once without the fear that I am going to have a hard time explaining to my boss what happened. I can go where ever I want and still work and enjoy it. I can control my days and nights... I can control my hot and cold... I can control my life. Remember, you only live once #YOLO!

RED: Where do you normally work? Are there other places you like to work?

I typically work in my small white Elfa structured office. My desk is hanging from the wall and everything above it is light. There are also set of holes at each side so I can adjust my table to my liking. I would like to change places sometimes, but I have not done that yet... Maybe I am territorial when it comes to my work space.

RED: Do you work with music, TV, complete silence, other white noise?

I usually work in complete silence, especially when I need to trace codes and variables. But occasionally I play music - it makes me feel relaxed when everything is stable. The problem with music when I listen is I tend to analyze the sound. My brain keeps on segregating the voices from one tone to the other. So that may be why it is too distracting for me to work and listen to music at the same time.

RED: How do you structure your day? What is your most productive time of day?

I typically start work mid-afternoon. This is my most productive time of day. I take a break, and then work again in the evening, which is morning in the U.S. If there is a team meeting, I sleep first, then wake up before the meeting so that I can attend and cyber-meet my valuable teammates. Sometimes, I continue to work early morning my time, so that my work coincides with the afternoon in the U.S.

RED: It's not easy to work remotely. Many find it challenging to stay motivated and miss the communication with coworkers. How do you handle these challenges?

I am able to handle challenges by focusing. One of our mottoes here at RED is to make a difference. These keys are some of the things I always think about before and during work. If there is a task that I cannot do, the team is always there to help and give me tips on how to resolve a problem.


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Alisa Cognard

Alisa was one of the first team members to join Red Earth Design, Inc. in early 2004. From data entry, she progressed to MySQL database manipulation and PHP coding. Alisa is responsible for all kinds of odds and ends: installing new websites, adding features to them, programming databases, PHP coding, website troubleshooting, website security, and organizational tasks for Red Earth Design.

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