Meet Our Team: Kimberly!

RED is made up of a diverse group of people pursuing the same goal: helping you help the world. Where do we come from, and what brought us here? Here is your chance to see inside a remote team - what makes us tick?

Kimberly specializes in design, product management and client relations. As a techy-people-person, Kimberly loves building relationships with clients, figuring out their objectives and personalities, and from there designing and maintaining sites that match their web design goals.

Kimberly first joined RED in 2014. She took a 2-year hiatus as she jumped into the world of homeschooling, and re-joined RED at the end of 2019 now that she has a routine in place and has time to dedicate to RED and our clients.

Meet Kimberly!

RED: How did you end up at RED? What attracted you to RED?

I was encouraged into the world of web development by my brother Stephen who knew of my desire to help support my family financially yet still be able to stay home with my kids. I took his advice and ran with it and sought training and experience in coding and web-design. I was particularly attracted to RED because of the great things I had heard about the owner, Emma, and the friendly, family-like environment cultivated within the team. I joined RED in 2014 and did project management for about 3 years, and then gave birth to my 4th child and had to step away for a while. Now that my youngest is almost 3 years old, I've been able to jump back in the saddle with a renewed excitement and appreciation for RED, the work that we do and the joys of design. I can't imagine a better environment or group of people to work with.

RED: What are some of your interests outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and four children, being involved in my church, reading, singing, home decorating/remodeling, and camping with the fam.

RED: Why is remote work important to you?

As a mom of four kids, remote work is important to me because it allows me to be home with my little ones, yet still support my family financially and have a separate outlet for my own skills and creativity.

RED: Where do you normally work? Are there other places you like to work? 

I have a nice little office nook in my bedroom.

RED: Do you work with music, TV, complete silence, other white noise?

I work early mornings and savor the melody of complete silence.

RED: How do you structure your day? What is your most productive time of day?

I work early mornings between 5-9 am. The kids are asleep, so I'm able to be the most productive during that time.

RED: It's not easy to work remotely. Many find it challenging to stay motivated and miss the communication with coworkers. How do you handle these challenges?

I'm a home-school mom who is also heavily involved with our church and community. With that and my children surrounding me throughout the day, I never feel like I am missing out on inter-personal communication. I LOVE my work and the RED team - so it is easy for me to stay motivated.

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Emma loves problem-solving. As the owner and manager of Red Earth Design, Inc., she also loves working with and empowering clients, as well as interacting with the Red Earth team members and enabling them to grow and support their families while working in a flexible work environment.

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