Plugin Release! Maintenance Mode with Site Build Status

We are pleased to announce the release of our free Maintenance Mode with Site Build Status plugin!

We created this plugin because we wanted an easy way to communicate with clients about their website without playing phone or email tag, and without requiring a login.

The plugin serves a dual function: it hides the in-progress website build until the project is ready to go live, and it lets the client easily see their website project's status. For RED, it is a way for us to get our feet wet in the realm of plugin development, and to give back to the WordPress community.


  • Clients can see website build status instantly
  • Clients don't have to log in to a website, or email or call their project manager to find out the status of their website project
  • The developer or designer can tailor the stages to match their own process

Features and Functionality:

  • Maintenance mode for under construction websites
  • Define your own custom website build stage titles
  • Set the status: complete, in progress, pending, not started
  • Upload your own logo
  • Define the project or client name
  • Upload a background image
  • Include a link to the current live site, if applicable

How can you get the Maintenance Mode with Site Build Status plugin?

Download it for free from the WordPress plugin repository and upload it to your site, or search for it on your Plugins -> Add New page in your WordPress admin area. Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ screen.


Need support for the plugin?

Contact us through the WordPress Plugin repository support forum.

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Emma loves problem-solving. As the owner and manager of Red Earth Design, Inc., she also loves working with and empowering clients, as well as interacting with the Red Earth team members and enabling them to grow and support their families while working in a flexible work environment.

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