Remote Team Tools

Remote team tools help us keep things running smoothly.

A fully remote web development team must use the right tools for productivity and communication. The tools a remote team uses help it stay organized, communicate, and operate as efficiently as possible. Here are our favorites, that help us do our best work as a team for our clients.

Task management tools

We have been using Intervals for several years for task management. Intervals allows us to create clients, projects, milestones, track time for invoicing, and assign tasks to different team members. Those who want to receive updates by email can do so, while those who prefer to keep all the information in this separate system can do so. Intervals is extremely versatile.

We also keep task checklists in Intervals for certain types of tasks that come up often. Using checklists and templates helps us keep our processes organized and running smoothly. If a team member is out, another one can easily step in to cover these types of tasks with the help of these checklists, which we constantly refine.

SendRecurring is a program that allows us to send recurring emails on a pre-scheduled basis. We use this to send emails into Intervals for recurring tasks.

Teamwork Desk
Teamwork Desk is a “unified inbox” program. Through it, we can provide white label support on behalf of web design and marketing agencies. With Desk, clients don’t need to log into any system. They can simply send us an email at the designated address, and it will arrive in the right place. Having this common inbox allows project managers to cover for each other more easily during absences.

Tools for documentation and sharing

Documentation is everything. We use Evernote for documenting absolutely everything. Notes about specific websites, internal notes about meetings or how projects went and what we learned, general notes about things we’ve learned on all sorts of topics. We have various notebooks to help our notes stay organized, but our key tip for using Evernotes well is to tag, tag, and tag some more. Notes are much more easily searchable when they are well-tagged.

We have an internal company blog that we run on WordPress, and we use that for sharing professional development topics of interest to our teammates.

Remote team communication tools

Slack: remote team tool for communicationSlack
Many people are already familiar with Slack. Slack is our team chat tool. We use it when we need a quick response on something, or to chat with teammates, or to share information with the entire team at once. Our internal WordPress blog mentioned above shares new posts to Slack, so everyone on the team is notified when a new topic has been posted. We’ve also hooked up some RSS feeds from web hosts to alert us to any issues on their servers. 

Zoom is our video conference tool of choice. We’ve been using it for a few years now and haven’t had the dropped calls or technical issues of other video call software we’ve tried. We have a team call three or four times a month. During the call, we talk about what we’ve each been working on, so everyone has a more global idea of what’s going on in the company. Team members take turns presenting new information they’ve learned, reviewing security or information privacy standards, or walking us through a newly-launched website so every member of the team learns from the project.

What are your favorite remote team tools?

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Alisa Cognard

Alisa was one of the first team members to join Red Earth Design, Inc. in early 2004. From data entry, she progressed to MySQL database manipulation and PHP coding. Alisa is responsible for all kinds of odds and ends: installing new websites, adding features to them, programming databases, PHP coding, website troubleshooting, website security, and organizational tasks for Red Earth Design.

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