Resources & relief for your organization during COVID-19

You might be tired of hearing how every company is handling the the COVID-19 crisis already. We’ve gotten a lot of emails, too. But our country and our world are dealing with difficult times right now as we try to slow the spread of the virus, and we want to be sure you know we’re here to help as your organization and your team weather this crisis.

RED has been a remote team since our creation in 2001, so we are happy to share our remote work experience and tips with you. Each member of our team is staying home to stay safe.

We are standing by to help you during this time in any way we can.

  • New to working remote?
    See RED’s tips about how remote work works for us.
  • Need help setting up or learning how to use remote tools?
    Slack is great for chatting with your team, Zoom provides high-quality video calls. Need help with those or another tool? Would you like suggestions for how to handle something else? Get in touch.
  • Your website may be the best tool to reach your audience right now.
    Some clients have moved to integrated forums or communities on their site. Others may increase their email communication during this time, or set up video conference calls. Tell us what you need, and we’ll help you get set up.

Software Resources:

  • Shopify, an e-commerce solution, is offering extended trials and gift cards are now available on all plan levels.
  • If you need to switch from in-person courses to virtual ones, SimplerX is providing free information about how to use Vimeo OTT to sell access to courses online.
  • Mighty Networks has a free tier to help you bring your community, online courses, and memberships together in one place.
  • ConvertKit, an email marketing system, is now free for up to 500 subscribers.

Business Relief Resources:

We have further resources on hand for those who need more or different information about how to adapt to these new circumstances.

Let us know what you need, and we can point you in the right direction, and help you get set up.

We hope you and yours stay safe and healthy during this time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help your organization in any way right now.

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Emma loves problem-solving. As the owner and manager of Red Earth Design, Inc., she also loves working with and empowering clients, as well as interacting with the Red Earth team members and enabling them to grow and support their families while working in a flexible work environment.

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