Weather the Crisis: Pivot and Adapt

Due to the current COVID-19 health crisis, many businesses are struggling at the moment. Employees are working remotely if they’re working at all, and trying to juggle work with their children’s distance learning as schools are closed. Some businesses have had to shut their doors to the public for now. But we need to weather the crisis now, and when things open up again, we need to be ready to go.

What can your business do to weather the crisis and reach your clients?

Jennifer Chamberlin, bilingual virtual assistant, tells us about the seasons of business and provides some great ideas on how to make the most of each season. Jade Roberts of RaraPR also provides some suggestions for how to deal with a slow period.

Here are our tips for making it through this dark time and coming out on the other side.

Get immediate help

If your business needs financial aid, look into programs like the Small Business Administration relief options. New temporary programs include the Paycheck Protection Program, EIDL Loan Advance, SBA Express Bridge Loans, and SBA Debt Relief.

making the most of COVID-19 health crisisInvest in your company

If you can, spend time now on projects you’ve been putting off. Your website is a prime way you can still reach your audience at this time. So if investing in your company means updating your website content, ensuring your software, plugins, and security strategies are up to date, we’re happy to help you with that.

Review your business plan

Think about your strategies and where you want to focus now, during the difficult times, and later, when things start up again. What would best serve your clients today and in the future? Should you start new marketing efforts or revive old ones?

Pick up new skills

Pivot and adapt

“Pivot” is a buzzword right now. How can you adapt to meet your customers where they are today? We’ve had some clients change from in-person courses to remote video courses. These can be self-paced or real-time. Others have set up internet gathering places to continue to provide support while in-person meetings are banned. Can you offer something for free to generate interest in paid products later? What services can you provide to your community to build goodwill?

Get in touch!

If we can help you by:

  • Setting up an online learning system
  • Suggesting tools or help you learn to use them
  • Cleaning up your website content
  • Redesigning your website to better meet your goals
  • Adding functionality to help you reach your customers during the crisis
  • Providing suggestions for how to help your team work remotely and securely
  • Providing some other type of assistance

Please let us know. We’re happy to help you adapt, and together we can weather this crisis.

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