Website redesign: Should you give your website a makeover?

website redesign
  1. Have you considered a website redesign?
  2. Should you?
  3. Does website design have an expiration date?

These are all important questions to consider if you have an existing website, or are planning a website.

You might have an outdated website if….

  • Your site has blinking, animated text or graphics.
  • Your site uses too many different fonts.
  • Your site still includes a hit counter.
  • There isn't have enough contrast between background color & font color on your site.
  • Your site uses Flash anywhere.
  • Your site includes music or sounds, and they auto-play when a visitor lands on the website.
  • Your site notes that it is "best viewed" in a specific browser or set of browsers.
  • Your website is impossible to read on a mobile device.

Why consider a website redesign?

A website redesign is important because good website design is important. The internet is an ever-evolving entity. Your website should also evolve so it will not become outdated or irrelevant to your visitors.

Your website design is an essential part of your website. If you have the best content in the world, but you present it on a severely outdated website, your visitors won't take you seriously. Your website should show your user that you are trustworthy, serious, and reliable, and the design is part of this communication.

Trends come and go in web design.

Like home decorating, website design also sees fashions rise and fall. If your website has a more classic, timeless design, it may withstand the test of time better than one that follows all of the latest trends. That turquoise furniture might look brilliant and up to date today, but in five or ten years, it will remind you of... today. It will be clearly outmoded. If your website incorporates all the latest fashionable features, you are showing your visitors that you are up-to-date! That's a good thing. But the flip side of that coin is that your site may seem out of date more quickly when those trends evolve, so you might need to consider website redesign more often.

If your website design is clearly and severely outdated, that shows your visitors that you aren't paying much attention to your website, even though more people may find you through your website than through any other method. It undermines your credibility, and it's time to consider a website redesign.

Two Words: Design and Functionality.

These two elements are what it's all about. You need a modern visual design, and you need a website that meets your visitors’ needs. If you focus on these two aspects, graphic design and usability, you'll have a perfectly redesigned website.

How do I know if my site needs a redesign?

Try this checklist:

  Was your website design updated in the last three years?
Check your site for outdated elements. If you're not sure what this means, see our list of examples on this page or ask your designer.

  Do you have your own domain name?
Purchase your own domain name. Domain names come cheap with hosting plans, and there are plenty of reliable, inexpensive hosting plans out there. Nothing says unreliable like "I'm too cheap to purchase my own domain name."

  Is your website intuitive for the user?
Have testers check your website's appearance, layout, and user experience. Use website design professionals you trust, who will advise you on website usability and design.

  Does your website design meet your users’ needs?
Who is your audience? Make sure your website design meets their needs.

  Do you have a clear “call to action” on your home page?
What is the purpose of your website? What do you want users to do? Donate? Make an appointment? Purchase something? Make that purpose clear!

  Can a user find your website?
What are they searching for when they find your site? Make sure you have a good search engine optimization strategy.

  Is your website mobile friendly?
With so many people using the Internet from their mobile phones these days, this is no longer optional - it's a must! Read our post about what a mobile friendly website is.


If you checked none of these boxes, or only a few, you may be a good candidate for a website redesign.


Red Earth Design, Inc. can help.

Contact us if you'd like to talk about a website redesign. We'll be happy to analyze your current website design, and with your goals in mind, we'll present you with our findings & suggestions.

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