Design for Your Audience

Arguably the most important consideration in web design is your audience. Different demographics prefer different types of designs, and it’s important to take this into account as you plan your website design.

Free Images: Smithsonian Open Access

Looking for some free images for your website? Smithsonian Open Access allows you to download, share, and reuse millions of images – free.

Capital Letters and Accessibility

Small changes can improve your website’s accessibility. See how to use capital letters while remaining screen-reader friendly.

Organize Your WordPress Media Library Folders with FileBird

Organizing files by month and year doesn’t help you to find the images you need. How can you organize your WordPress media library so it’s easy to use?

Is a Minimum Viable Website Right for You?

When your organization is ready for a website or redesign, you want everything to be perfect. But a minimum viable website may be a better choice. Why?

How to tell whether your SVG file can be used as an icon font

In order to render correctly as an icon font, an SVG file needs to be prepared properly. Here’s how to tell whether your SVG file can be used as an icon.

How to Use SVGs on WordPress Securely

In this article, learn how to use SVGs on WordPress securely. What are SVGs, what are their advantages, and what are the risks? How can you benefit from SVG images on your website while keeping your site safe?

Why Does ADA Website Accessibility Matter?

By making your website accessible, you show your users that each of them is important to you. If increasing trust with your visitors isn’t reason enough, then consider instead that you may face legal consequences if your website is not accessible.

How to Think Like a Developer When Designing Websites

Learn to think like a developer when you design websites. The goal of this article is not to change the way you design, but to help you understand how your design choices will translate to web so you can make the best choices for your project.

Find Images to Use on Your Website

Where can you find images to use on your website? Find out which sources are safe and legal for your website images.