Troubleshooting Beaver Builder columns stacking

Columns are a great feature in Beaver Builder. But sometimes when you add columns in Beaver Builder and save your changes, the columns stack one on top of the other instead of being side by side, both in the admin editor and on the front view of the page. Find out what may be causing this issue and how to fix it.

How to Bulk Edit Posts in WordPress

Let’s imagine you want to change the status of over 4000 posts. You can bulk edit posts in WordPress, but going through page by page, editing 20 or even 50 or 100 at a time is going to take a while. Learn how to bulk edit posts in WordPress, the quick way.

How to import media files uploaded over FTP into the WordPress database

The issue: A website was moved or copied, but the images didn’t come along for the ride. The complication: You’ve updated site content since then, and don’t want to overwrite your changes. Now: You need to know how to import media files uploaded over FTP.

WordPress Charts: Advanced Custom Fields & ChartJS

WordPress charts can come in handy. Recently, we needed to display multiple charts for each page, standardize how the charts displayed and their location on the page. See how we used Advanced Custom Fields and ChartJS to accomplish this.

WordPress Translation with TranslatePress

WordPress translation solutions allow you to reach your entire audience. TranslatePress has just become our new favorite WordPress translation method. Find out why.

Organize Your WordPress Media Library Folders with FileBird

Organizing files by month and year doesn’t help you to find the images you need. How can you organize your WordPress media library so it’s easy to use?

Using Flexbox to Invert List Order

A client asked us to reverse the order in which their Constant Contact newsletters displayed on their homepage. But Constant Contact automatically generates the list. So what did we do?

6 Ways to Improve Your Website Speed

Learn how to improve your website speed. In today’s now-now-now world, we want things instantaneously, including websites. When a website takes three or four seconds to load, we grumble about how slow it is, and we’re impatient. And as impatient web users, we may leave a site without purchasing an item, or clicking for more information. As a website owner, this is bad news.

How to Use SVGs on WordPress Securely

In this article, learn how to use SVGs on WordPress securely. What are SVGs, what are their advantages, and what are the risks? How can you benefit from SVG images on your website while keeping your site safe?

Why Does ADA Website Accessibility Matter?

By making your website accessible, you show your users that each of them is important to you. If increasing trust with your visitors isn’t reason enough, then consider instead that you may face legal consequences if your website is not accessible.