What is the Cloud?

People talk about “cloud computing” or uploading things “to the cloud.” With the advent of smartphones, we started using the term even more often. But what is the cloud?

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disasters happen, and they can affect your organization. Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? What is a disaster recovery plan?

What does a good backup strategy look like?

Whether or not your own web hosting service provider has redundant servers and backups of clients’ data, you should never leave responsibility for your backups to someone else. You, your organization, and those who depend on you will be the ones affected if you don’t make regular data backups.

Google Drive Sharing Settings & Security

Google Drive is a useful tool for collaborative teams, especially when working remotely. It allows for the creation and sharing of word processing documents, spreadsheets, and more, and is easy to access from anywhere you have internet access. But when you share a document on Google Drive, it’s essential to use the correct sharing settings.

Don’t “Click Here”: Write Better Link Text

If you remember Netscape, this article may be for you! Back in the early days of the internet, people were learning what a navigator was and how to use it. At that time, we had to be very explicit with links (called “hyperlinks” back then), and tell people to “click here.” 25+ years on, if you haven’t stop with the “click here” links, it’s time.

Do You Need a Professional Web Developer?

Do you need a professional web developer, or can you build your own site, or can you ask a volunteer to build your website?

WordPress Application Password: What do you need to know?

In version 5.6, WordPress introduced the application password. This can be a useful feature, or a dangerous one. What do you need to know about it?

How to Improve Your Site Speed

Do you want to know how to improve your site speed? We’ve talked about the importance of your site speed before. A faster website means visitors stay on your site longer, and speed improves accessibility. Did you know there are some steps you can take, as a website owner, to improve your WordPress site’s speed?

What is a VPN and do you need one?

With more and more people working from home, it’s past time to talk about VPNs. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and a VPN is an important part of keeping your data secure.