Preventing Cross-Site Contamination

prevent cross-site-contaminationCross-site contamination may be a security risk for your website if you are on shared web hosting. But what exactly does it mean? Learn about preventing cross-site contamination.

Cross-site contamination can happen when a hacker gains access to one website on the shared server, and from there manages to infect other sites on the same server. Even if you clear the infection from your own site, you may be continually reinfected if the other site isn’t cleaned up. This 2015 article tells us things have improved for shared hosting, but certain hosts still don’t do enough to prevent cross-site contamination.

Sucuri brings us a clear, easy-to-understand explanation of cross-site contamination here, with fantastic visuals. Your web host’s practices are key in preventing cross-site contamination, but Sucuri explains some steps you or your web developer can take as well.

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