Scam Alert: Email Accuses You of a DDOS Attack

This scare scam or intimidation scam email accuses you of a DDOS attack. Learn about this new scam and what you should do if you receive an email like this.

PHP 7.2 is dead. Is your PHP version up to date?

PHP 7.2 reached end of life in November 2020 and is no longer secure. Is your site on an updated and secure version of PHP?

Don’t “Click Here”: Write Better Link Text

If you remember Netscape, this article may be for you! Back in the early days of the internet, people were learning what a navigator was and how to use it. At that time, we had to be very explicit with links (called “hyperlinks” back then), and tell people to “click here.” 25+ years on, if you haven’t stop with the “click here” links, it’s time.

Do You Need a Professional Web Developer?

Do you need a professional web developer, or can you build your own site, or can you ask a volunteer to build your website?

What Motivates a Hacker?

What motivates a hacker? Why would a hacker be interested in your website, even if it’s small? Find out, and learn how to keep them out.

How to Improve Your Site Speed

Do you want to know how to improve your site speed? We’ve talked about the importance of your site speed before. A faster website means visitors stay on your site longer, and speed improves accessibility. Did you know there are some steps you can take, as a website owner, to improve your WordPress site’s speed?

How to use an incognito browsing window

We’ve explained how caching works and how it might prevent you from seeing recent changes to your website. See how to use an incognito browsing window to avoid having to clear your cache.

Website Migration: Montessori de Santa Cruz

Sometimes a site launch doesn’t mean a full website redesign, but just a migration to a different host for one reason or another. A site migration can also be an opportunity to review your website and improve its usability, speed, and accessibility.

Capital Letters and Accessibility

Small changes can improve your website’s accessibility. See how to use capital letters while remaining screen-reader friendly.

Creating an Apple Touch Icon for Your Website

Creating an Apple Touch icon for your website ensures that your visitors can add an identifiable icon for your website to their device’s home screen.