Does Your Top Level Domain Matter?

Choosing your domain name is an important part of getting your website started. When you choose your domain name, does your top level domain matter?

A top level domain (TLD) is the .com, .org, or .net part of your domain name.

make your website address memorable with the right top level domainWhen you register your domain name, you have a few options of top level domains:

You could use, or if you’re a non-profit organization, might make more sense. Other well-known options are .net, .edu, .io, .or country-based domains like .fr for France or .ca for Canada. And now there are a whole host of other options available as well.

But will it make a difference to your users if you chose .org instead of .com? .Biz instead of .net? Are there TLDs that users trust more than others? What effect will it have on your organization’s reputation?

Growth Badger did a survey to find out if TLD matters. See what they found out.

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Alisa Cognard

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