What is a VPN and do you need one?

With more and more people working from home, it’s past time to talk about VPNs. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and a VPN is an important part of keeping your data secure.

Remote Work: Avoid Burnout and be More Successful

More and more people are working remotely as the Covid-19 pandemic drags on. RED has always been a remote team, so we have years of experience in remote work. See our top tips for how to avoid burnout when you’re working remotely.

Meet Our Team: Rafael

Rafael joined the RED team in the fall of 2020 as a developer. He creates features and functionality and brings clients’ or designers’ ideas to life on the web.

RED celebrates 19 years!

Red Earth Design was created in 2001. With 19 years of experience in the web industry, we work alongside you to promote your organization or business.

Resources & relief for your organization during COVID-19

You might be tired of hearing how every company is handling the the COVID-19 crisis already. We’ve gotten a lot of emails, too. But our country and our world are dealing with difficult times right now as we try to slow the spread of the virus, and we want to be sure you know we’re here to help as your organization and your team weather this crisis.

Remote Team Organization: A How-To Guide

Remote team organization is key. Each person must be organized, and the team as a whole must stay organized to work together efficiently and effectively.

Remote Team Tools

Remote team tools help us keep things running smoothly. A fully remote web development team must use the right tools for productivity and communication. The tools a remote team uses help it stay organized, communicate, and operate as efficiently as possible. Here are our favorites, that help us do our best work as a team […]

18 years of helping you help the world

As a web design company that began in 2001, Red Earth Design is among the veterans of the web industry. RED is also a veteran of remote work.

Remote Work Vacation Time

Today, as heat waves roll across the country, we want to talk about remote work and vacation. Here at RED, one of the perks of remote work is the freedom to work – or not work – according to our own personal rhythm.

Communication in Remote Teams

Communication in remote teams is a topic that comes up often now that more and more people are working remotely. Usually the articles we see revolve around suggested technology: use Slack for instant chat, use Trello for organizing projects, use Zoom for video chat.But there is something far more important than the technology you use to communicate: communication skills are key.