Security Alert: Firefox Vulnerability in versions below 67.0.3

If you use Firefox, be sure you’re using the latest version. Firefox version 67.0.3 patches an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability.

Security Alert Roundup: March 2019

Several security updates have come out this week in the world of WordPress. As always, we reach out directly to clients whose websites are affected by these specific issues. If your organization has a RED security package, these updates have already been applied to your website. Easy WP SMTP Some websites use this plugin, one […]

Recognize phishing scams with this quiz from Google

Phishing can be used for various types of scams – it is the easiest way for a hacker to gain access to your sensitive data. The best way to protect your organization is by learning to recognize phishing scams and avoid them.

Security Alert: WordPress 5.1.1 security update

March 13, 2019 update: WordPress 5.1.1 released. Yesterday, March 12th, WordPress released version 5.1.1, which is a security release fixing issues in 5.1 and earlier. The original version of this article stated that versions prior to 4.9.9 should not be used. With the 5.1.1 security release, WordPress has now also released secure versions as far […]

Scam Alert! SSL Renewal Scam

Don’t be taken in by this SSL renewal scam email. It’s a phishing scam targeting website owners, like the domain renewal scam. Learn how to recognize it and protect yourself.

Security Alert: WordPress Security Vulnerability

WordPress 5.0.1 fixes seven security vulnerabilities. Learn how you can stay secure, even if you aren’t ready to jump into using the new block editor just yet.

Phishing Emails Targeting WordPress Website Owners

Phishing attacks can be successful because the emails may look convincing or because the person reading the email may be only skimming and skip over the email’s red flags. There is a phishing email making the rounds at the moment, targeting WordPress website owners. Learn how to avoid falling for these scams.

Security Alert: WordPress Security Vulnerability

WordPress security vulnerability in versions 4.9.6 and below. Learn how to keep your website safe.

Keeping WordPress Safe During Installation

Wordfence, one of the top companies providing high-quality security solutions for WordPress, released a report about hijacks they’ve seen on fresh WordPress installations. How can you avoid becoming a target?

Chrome continues to force SSL

The Chrome browser is marking websites “not secure” if they don’t use an SSL certificate. Learn how you can show your visitors you care about their security.