WordPress Security: WordPress 5.5.2 and 5.5.3 release

November 2, 2020 update:

The day after the release of 5.5.2, the WordPress team released 5.5.3 as a maintenance release to patch an issue making it “impossible to install WordPress on a brand new website that does not have a database connection configured.” You can read more about the issue here. This version is not a security release.

Original post:

WordPress security alert: version 5.5.2 has been released, along with security updates for earlier branches as far back as 3.7.x.

WordPress 5.5.2 provides fixes for ten security issues. The best thing you can do for your WordPress website is to update it to keep it secure.

Most often, WordPress automatically updates to the secure version on the branch you have installed. If your website has not updated to a secure version, or you aren’t sure whether your site is on a secure version, check in with your trusted web developer. Step one in WordPress security is to keep WordPress up to date.

What if your website is on a secure but much older version than 5.5.2?

You can be sure your website is secure if it’s on the most recent version of its branch 3.7.x or later. But if you keep your website on a secure, but older version, you won’t be able to take advantage of the latest features integrated into the WordPress software. Furthermore, various plugins or themes that add features and functionality to your website may no longer be compatible with older versions of WordPress. If this is the case, some features or visual aspects of your website may no longer work or appear as desired. If you need help updating your website, get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

Note to our clients: If you have signed up for a security package with us, your website will be updated. If you don’t have a security package with us and your WordPress website is not secure, we will reach out to you to address it shortly.

It’s important to stay on top of website security to protect your business, your reputation, and your visitors. The best way to keep your website secure is by keeping your WordPress site, themes, and plugins up to date.

If you update your website yourself, be sure to back up your website before you begin. We provide tips here for how to safely upgrade your WordPress website.

If you’d rather have help staying on top of your website’s security, we offer hassle-free security packages so you can concentrate your business’s or organization’s main mission.

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