Website Migration: Montessori de Santa Cruz

Sometimes a site launch doesn’t mean a full website redesign, but just a migration to a different host for one reason or another. A site migration can also be an opportunity to review your website and improve its usability, speed, and accessibility.

Why would you need a website migration?

RED has been working with Montessori de Santa Cruz for four years. When we partnered to work on their website, they already had a site set up, so we continued with the host they were using. However, their web host’s primary offering was television and internet service, so the hosting service was bare bones and not up to our speed or security standards. Moving your site to a dedicated web host from a multi-service provider is a valid reason for a website migration.

a website migration can improve site speed and security

What difference can a web hosting company make?

Choosing the right web hosting company can make all the difference to your website speed. A faster website helps your visitors access the information they’re looking for and makes it easier for you to add information to the site. 

In the case of Montessori de Santa Cruz, simply moving their website to a different host made a night-and-day difference to their website speed. On their old host, it took them two hours just to add a link to a page! After the move, they were able to edit their website much more easily and quickly instead of sitting around waiting for pages to load so they could edit them.

Improving website speed improves your website’s search engine optimization and increased speed also improves your website’s accessibility.

Another advantage of using a dedicated web hosting company is that a good web host pays attention to website security. Their old hosting provider did not provide an up-to-date, secure version of PHP, the programming language WordPress is written in. An outdated version of PHP can lead to security issues. Moving the website to a new host allowed us to choose a host with up-to-date security practices. If you need help choosing a host, see our recommended hosts here.

What else can you do to improve a website during a migration?

We also replaced the organization’s complex premium theme with a simpler, faster-loading theme using Beaver Builder. Besides improving loading times and simplifying upgrades, this change directly improved the organization’s ability to edit their website.

When revamping your website, you should also consider restructuring content to ensure that everything looks the way it should and users can find what they need. On Montessori de Santa Cruz’s site, we added a coronavirus announcement and verified that pages contained the information they needed, and there were no broken links or pages without information lying around.

Spring cleaning does a website good! Let us know if we can help with your hosting migration or website redesign project.

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Alisa was one of the first team members to join Red Earth Design, Inc. in early 2004. From data entry, she progressed to MySQL database manipulation and PHP coding. Alisa is responsible for all kinds of odds and ends: installing new websites, adding features to them, programming databases, PHP coding, website troubleshooting, website security, and organizational tasks for Red Earth Design.

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