What Motivates a Hacker?

What motivates a hacker? Why would a hacker be interested in your website, even if it’s small? Find out, and learn how to keep them out.

Flexible Checkout Fields Zero-Day Vulnerability

One of the websites we work with regularly was the lucky winner of the exploit of a zero-day vulnerability inside Flexible Checkout Fields. How did we find out, and what did we do to remediate the issue?

Detecting malicious code: Human vs Artificial intelligence

It’s important to use both human and artificial intelligence, or automation, when detecting malicious code on websites. In website security, multi-layer security is a must. With both automated methods and human eyes, we are able to catch and eradicate more issues more quickly and efficiently.

Why do hackers hack?

Why do hackers hack? What’s in it for them? Why do they choose to attack my website in particular?