How to Replace Media Files in WordPress

Learn how to replace media files on your WordPress site while keeping your media library uncluttered and prevent confusion, especially if you have multiple users.

How to Bulk Edit Posts in WordPress

Let’s imagine you want to change the status of over 4000 posts. You can bulk edit posts in WordPress, but going through page by page, editing 20 or even 50 or 100 at a time is going to take a while. Learn how to bulk edit posts in WordPress, the quick way.

How to import media files uploaded over FTP into the WordPress database

The issue: A website was moved or copied, but the images didn’t come along for the ride. The complication: You’ve updated site content since then, and don’t want to overwrite your changes. Now: You need to know how to import media files uploaded over FTP.

How to Change Comment Notification Emails in WordPress

WordPress comment notifications have long been a thorn in our side, because by default, WordPress sends the notifications to the email in Settings -> General. No longer. Learn how to change comment notification emails in WordPress.

WordPress Translation with TranslatePress

WordPress translation solutions allow you to reach your entire audience. TranslatePress has just become our new favorite WordPress translation method. Find out why.

Organize Your WordPress Media Library Folders with FileBird

Organizing files by month and year doesn’t help you to find the images you need. How can you organize your WordPress media library so it’s easy to use?

Plugin Release! Maintenance Mode with Site Build Status

We are pleased to announce the release of our free Maintenance Mode with Site Build Status plugin! We created this plugin because we needed an easy way to communicate with clients about their website without playing phone or email tag, and spending more time on missed communications than on the project itself.

Part V: WordPress plugins and other tools for non-profits

In this part of the series, we’ll review some essential tools for non-profits to use on their websites, as well as some associated tools to help your organization manage its contacts and donations.

How to update a live WordPress page or post without de-publishing it

What if you want to make changes to a WordPress post but schedule them in advance? Learn how PublishPress Revisions or Revisionize can help you.