Meet Our Team: Rafael

Rafael joined the RED team in the fall of 2020 as a developer. He creates features and functionality and brings clients’ or designers’ ideas to life on the web.

Meet Our Team: Kimberly!

Kimberly specializes in design, product management and client relations. As a techy-people-person, Kimberly loves building relationships with clients, figuring out their objectives and personalities, and from there designing and maintaining sites that match their web design goals.

Meet Our Team: Max!

Max joined the RED team in 2018. He faces every new challenge with optimism and a can-do attitude. Learn more about Max!

Meet our Team: Carolyn!

Carolyn is part of RED’s back office team. Find out how she got started with RED.

Meet our Team: Ryan!

Ryan joined the RED team in 2017. Learn what part he plays behind the scenes in developing websites.

Meet Our Team: Ian!

What kind of people make up a remote team? Meet Ian, and find out how he fits in with RED.

Meet our Team: Alisa!

Alisa joined RED in 2004. Learn what she has done with RED over the years and what she has to say about remote work.

Meet Our Team: Emma!

Emma, the founder of Red Earth Design, has been fearlessly leading us for over 15 years! Meet Emma and find out what makes her tick.