Remote Team Organization: A How-To Guide

Remote team organization is key. Each person must be organized, and the team as a whole must stay organized to work together efficiently and effectively.

Communication in Remote Teams

Communication in remote teams is a topic that comes up often now that more and more people are working remotely. Usually the articles we see revolve around suggested technology: use Slack for instant chat, use Trello for organizing projects, use Zoom for video chat.But there is something far more important than the technology you use to communicate: communication skills are key.

Setting Professional Goals

On a remote team, each member must be a self-starter. This can make setting professional goals more challenging than in a typical office setting, but no less important. At RED, we set collective company goals at our quarterly review conferences. Individual team members set their own professional goals based on knowledge gaps they perceive themselves, […]

Encouraging Remote Team Spirit

Find out how our project manager, Ben, found a fun way to encourage team spirit on a remote team.

Hiring Remote Workers: Things we’ve learned

RED has always been a remote company, since its creation in 2001. Here are 9 things we have learned over the years about hiring remote workers.

Applying for a Remote Position: Dos and Don’ts

RED has been a remote company since its creation in 2001. At the beginning, we hired people we knew. Over time, we have expanded, and now we recruit new team members via online job boards. Hiring remote workers and applying for remote jobs is not quite as straightforward as hiring or applying for a job in person.

10 Tips for Improving Remote Team Dynamics

How can you improve remote team dynamics to keep your remote team cohesive and working together smoothly? How can a remote team build rapport?

Remote Team Retreat: The Details!

RED is a remote team, so getting together in person is a rare treat. We’ve been around since 2001, and finally held our first team retreat in 2017. See how it went!

First RED Team Retreat: August 2017

The RED team had been throwing around the idea of a team retreat for some time. With a remote team, it’s not easy to organize in-person time. But the time has come!

Remote work: How does a remote work team work?

You could say Red Earth Design was a forerunner in the area of remote work or distributed companies. Since its creation in 2001, every team member has always worked remotely. We don’t have a shared office space. In fact, we don’t live in the same area.