Google Drive Sharing Settings & Security

Google Drive is a useful tool for collaborative teams, especially when working remotely. It allows for the creation and sharing of word processing documents, spreadsheets, and more, and is easy to access from anywhere you have internet access. But when you share a document on Google Drive, it’s essential to use the correct sharing settings.

What Motivates a Hacker?

What motivates a hacker? Why would a hacker be interested in your website, even if it’s small? Find out, and learn how to keep them out.

How Browser Extensions Can Be Dangerous for Your Website

Browser extensions can be dangerous for your website. Find out why, and learn how to keep your website secure.

Detecting malicious code: Human vs Artificial intelligence

It’s important to use both human and artificial intelligence, or automation, when detecting malicious code on websites. In website security, multi-layer security is a must. With both automated methods and human eyes, we are able to catch and eradicate more issues more quickly and efficiently.

Preventing Cross-Site Contamination

Cross-site contamination may be a security risk for your website if you are on shared web hosting. But what exactly does it mean, and how you can prevent cross-site contamination?

Update your WordPress Website Safely

We encourage you to keep your WordPress site updated to keep it secure. However, it’s important to realize that updates are not totally risk-free when it comes to the visual aspect and the functionality of your website. Here are some tips for how to upgrade your Wordpress website safely.

WordPress is not secure. Or is it?

WordPress-Related Vulnerabilities Tripled in 2018, Bleeping Computer reports. Now there’s a frightening headline if your website is running on WordPress! But let’s take a closer look. Why is WordPress being targeted? It’s all about the numbers. As of this writing, WordPress powers 32% of websites across the globe. Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, and Wix pale in […]

Government Shutdowns and Expired SSL Certificates

Politics aside, the U.S. government shutdown is having a negative effect on government websites and government website security due to expired SSL certificates. Forgetting to renew an SSL certificate is an issue that can easily affect any website, so it’s important to understand the consequences of an expired SSL certificate for your website.

Security Alert: WordPress Security Vulnerability

WordPress 5.0.1 fixes seven security vulnerabilities. Learn how you can stay secure, even if you aren’t ready to jump into using the new block editor just yet.

Simple Website Security Strategy Tips

Today, we’d like to shout out to acknowledge some of the great website security moves our clients have made, on their own initiative, to improve their website security strategy. You are the most important element in your website’s security strategy!