What Motivates a Hacker?

What motivates a hacker? Why would a hacker be interested in your website, even if it’s small? Find out, and learn how to keep them out.

Should I update to the latest version of WordPress?

Should you always update to the latest version of WordPress? If you’ve read our blog posts before, you know that we at RED recommend keeping your WordPress software and plugins up to date as one of the best ways to keep your WordPress website secure. But is this always necessary?

Review: WP Boom visual regression tool

One of the pain points of upgrading a WordPress site is plugin or theme interactions. There are so many moving parts, and on a large site, how can you easily tell if something goes wrong? Find out how this visual regression tool came to the rescue.

WordPress Upgrades: Q & A

Why does WordPress need so many upgrades? Can I do the upgrades myself? What if something goes wrong?