Remote Team Organization: A How-To Guide

Remote team organization is key. Each person must be organized, and the team as a whole must stay organized to work together efficiently and effectively.

Meet Our Team: Kimberly!

Kimberly specializes in design, product management and client relations. As a techy-people-person, Kimberly loves building relationships with clients, figuring out their objectives and personalities, and from there designing and maintaining sites that match their web design goals.

Best Remote Work Tips

Remote work is all the rage, but for some, it’s hard to find the required self-discipline. Since RED has been a remote team since our inception in 2001, we thought we’d take a survey of the team and get their best remote work tips.

Meet Our Team: Max!

Max joined the RED team in 2018. He faces every new challenge with optimism and a can-do attitude. Learn more about Max!

Juggling Remote Work and Children

If you ask remote-working parents what it’s like working from home and how they are juggling work and children and other family responsibilities, you’re likely to get many different answers. Two members of RED’s team are work-from-home moms with young children, so we asked them what their experiences have been like.

Giving Back to the WordPress Community

Making a difference is one of RED’s core values, so we’re pleased to support Jamie in her contribution to the WordPress community. Read on to learn what Jamie has brought to the community.

10 Tips for Improving Remote Team Dynamics

How can you improve remote team dynamics to keep your remote team cohesive and working together smoothly? How can a remote team build rapport?

Remote Team Retreat: The Details!

RED is a remote team, so getting together in person is a rare treat. We’ve been around since 2001, and finally held our first team retreat in 2017. See how it went!

First RED Team Retreat: August 2017

The RED team had been throwing around the idea of a team retreat for some time. With a remote team, it’s not easy to organize in-person time. But the time has come!

Meet our Team: Carolyn!

Carolyn is part of RED’s back office team. Find out how she got started with RED.