Troubleshooting Beaver Builder columns stacking

Columns are a great feature in Beaver Builder. But sometimes when you add columns in Beaver Builder and save your changes, the columns stack one on top of the other instead of being side by side, both in the admin editor and on the front view of the page. Find out what may be causing this issue and how to fix it.

403 Error When Embedding Iframes in Beaver Builder

You might be running into 403 errors when trying to embed iframes or scripts using Beaver Builder. How can you fix this?

How to import media files uploaded over FTP into the WordPress database

The issue: A website was moved or copied, but the images didn’t come along for the ride. The complication: You’ve updated site content since then, and don’t want to overwrite your changes. Now: You need to know how to import media files uploaded over FTP.

How Browser Extensions Can Be Dangerous for Your Website

Browser extensions can be dangerous for your website. Find out why, and learn how to keep your website secure.

What to do When a WordPress Plugin Stops Working

Whether the plugins are available for free or as a paid solution, developers may at some point stop providing updates for the plugin for various reasons. What can you do if a plugin stops working?

Troubleshooting Editing in Beaver Builder

Learn how one tiny style declaration can keep you from using your page builder, how to troubleshoot it, and fix it.

Slow Page Load Times with WooCommerce

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Force browsers to clear style.css cache

It’s an age-old problem. We make an update to style.css and we have to teach and remind clients to clear their cache. Then once a site is live, style.css caching complicates a web visitor’s ability to see the latest changes. Find out one solution to the issue here.