Proactive WordPress Security

We keep your website current and protected so you can focus on getting your message out without worrying about outdated or insecure software.

We stay on top of compatibility upgrades, security, and backups for your WordPress website. All of our security packages include the following:

  • File and Database Backups
  • Security Monitoring
  • WordPress Core Software Upgrades
  • Plugin Security Upgrades
  • Plugin Compatibility and Feature Upgrades
  • Theme Security and Feature Upgrades
  • Plugin and Theme License Management
  • Upgrade Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Hack Clean-ups
  • RED's Additional Security Protections
  • Monthly Reports
  • Peace of Mind

Details Below

Security Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Every website is different. That means that the effort and experience involved in keeping a website updated and secure also varies. We want to ensure we are serving your security needs effectively, without overcharging you.

We've put together a set of questions to narrow in on a price tailored to meet your particular website's needs.

We are real people. You are a real person. Let's not let the computers do everything! We'll give you a call within one business day with any questions and to review the final price with you. If you'd prefer to communicate by email, just let us know.

For any additional questions, please contact us at

WordPress Security Package Details

We've got you covered.

Security Monitoring

We use multiple monitoring tools so we’re alerted about any suspicious activity in your website, such as malware or viruses. This enables us to address issues quickly before they affect your search engine ranking or customer experience.

File and Database Backups

We schedule and maintain regular database and file backups to protect your content, so even if your site is hacked, there is a reliable source of restoration if ever needed. All backups are stored securely and separately outside of your website account so they are detached from any attacks your website might experience.

Plugin Compatibility and Feature Upgrades

Why wait until something breaks? We proactively keep your plugins current, with careful attention to compatibility between all your plugins. If required, we’ll hold off on feature upgrades until all associated plugins catch up, and otherwise we’ll bring things up to date at a minimum of once a month – and more often if a security patch is released.

Peace of Mind

Let us fend off the hackers and keep things humming along so you can focus on getting your message out. And to prevent us wasting your time hassling you for approvals for this or that upgrade each time one comes out, you can sign up today and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’re always taking care of your website’s security.

RED's Additional Security Protections

We add an extra security blanket over your site, a special blend of protections tailored to your website to help keep the bad guys out and to prevent malicious code from doing anything if it does get in. This becomes especially important when a security hole is found in a plugin, and a patch is not yet available for it. These added protections help keep your site safe in the meantime. RED also does regular research and testing to ensure you have the best possible protection.

Monthly Reports

We give you a monthly report about any updates we performed during the month so you’re aware of the inner workings of your website.

WordPress Core Software Upgrades

WordPress offers automated security upgrades. We make sure these are running on your website, or apply the upgrades manually if needed. We also upgrade your website to the next major WordPress version when all your plugins are compatible with it, so you’re operating with the latest and greatest version.

Plugin Security Upgrades

When security patches are announced for plugins, we upgrade those plugins right away. We handle security upgrades when announced, as many times within a month as needed.

Theme Security and Feature Upgrades

Themes are the foundation for any design in a WordPress website. Whether your theme is premium or non-premium, they have upgrades too, especially if they come bundled with plugins. We bring themes up to date at least once a month, and we handle theme security upgrades when announced, as many times within a month as needed.

Plugin and Theme License Management

Don’t want to deal with renewing premium theme and plugin licenses every year and keeping track of the license keys and multiple receipts? We will manage, renew, and track plugins that require yearly upkeep and submit an invoice for reimbursement of the plugin fees.

Hack Cleanup

Hackers are clever and continue to find new and subtle ways to get into websites. Having a website is inherently risky, especially if other websites on your shared server aren’t as security-conscious as you are. If your site does gets hacked, hack removal is covered. Our security professionals will remove all malware and/or viruses and close any new security holes in the process.

Testing and Troubleshooting Upgrades

Some plugins have very stable upgrades and others, especially those which interact with many other features, may lead to surprises. We test upgrades, especially in feature-rich areas of your website. If an upgrade causes problems during testing, we revert to the previous version and work to resolve any issues so the upgrade can proceed without incident on your live website.

What It Doesn't Include

If your website isn’t powered by WordPress, or has heavily modified plugins, we offer maintenance on an hourly basis.
New content and feature additions are also available on an hourly basis.

Have any questions? Contact us at (636) 336-6348 or <


30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with our service in the first 30 days, we will refund your payment. We strive to exceed your expectations, so please let us know how we can do better. You can also cancel at any time and receive a pro-rated refund.